...Its impressiveness lies in its dimensions: 106m high, 160m long, and 65m wide.  Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome could fit comfortably inside! Leafed stalagmites, resembling palm trees can measure up to 12 feet.

Postojna Caves in Slovenia (half an hour by car) consist of a network of 20 km of passages, galleries, and chambers. A train takes you through the caves where artificial lighting allows you to appreciate this geological splendor. The guided tour lasts one hour and a half.

Skocjan Caves in Slovenia are a system of eleven interconnected caves, natural bridges and sinkholes. Its underground gorge and many vast chambers make this spot unique. In 1986 this cave was placed under protection by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites. The Reka-Velka Voda River, which flows through the caves, creates a series of cascades and waterfalls, sometimes forming small underground lakes. A guided tour lasts one hour and a half.