...The Triestino café culture is an important element in its unique history. Intellectuals of the past, like James Joyce, Umberto Saba, and Italo Svevo used the cafés as meeting places where they could discuss art, politics, and literature while sipping their coffee. The truly historic haunts are Caffe Tommaseo and Caffe San Marco. Itineraries based on the lives of writers or the rich coffee houses of Trieste can easily be arranged.

Being a border town makes for an interesting menu in Trieste. Traces of Austrian and Slovenian heritage show up throughout the entire meal, from appetizers to desserts. A particular Triestino gastronomic specialty is prosciutto cotto, or baked ham. We can organize wine tasting and prosciutto sampling onboard during the cocktail hour or at any time during the day. Visits can also be arranged to local cheese and prosciutto producers

A visit to local vineyards, in particular, Vitoska, a white wine indigenous to the Karst hills surrounding Trieste, allows the vistor to understand better how local wines are made. Visits to cellars and vineyards can be arranged for private tastings with a sommelier. Collio, the internationally famous white wine, sits outside of Trieste, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Bike trips can be organized to visit various cellars in this region.